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You have taken the first step to shift those unwanted kilos and learn how to keep them off.

We have put together some things that will help you in this journey to the new you!

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The Program

Congratulations on your purchase of hormone free and non homoeopathic drops, the new wave in the tried and tested weight loss process founded by Dr Simeons.

Download a copy of our Healthy Eating Manual & Handy Quick Guide.


It is very motivating to see the kilos melting away. The worksheets are designed so you can see daily how you are going.  The first week is awesome, most clients shift 3-4 kilos! Over the next 2 weeks weight loss slows and and consolidates but almost always averages out at 7-9kg. 

Recipe Ideas

The 21 day phase can be restrictive but it doesn't have to be boring. You don't need to make separate meals, check out our recipes for some great meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Menu suggestions

We have taken the hard work out of it by giving you some ideas on what to eat during a normal day. Everyone's taste buds are different so we do not presume to tell you what you must eat on a given day but we do aim to guide you and empower you to make the right choices.


We have provided a list of personal care products that will help you get the most out of our HCG Diet Program.


Dr Simeons's diet protocol does not require exercise to be effective. If you currently do not undertake regular exercise it is not recommended you commence while doing Phase 2 – the weight loss part of the program. If you are currently undertaking a fitness regime there is no need to stop your regular exercise. You will need to modify it during Phase 2.

Shopping list

Easy Peasy, just print out he list and take it with you to the shops. What could be more simple?


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