The 4 phases of the HCG Diet


Days 1-2

During this time you take the drops and “eat liberally”. This is necessary to prepare the body for the shifting phase. Eating foods that are higher in fats will help minimise hunger, especially during the first week. It is a great time to eat all your favourites. 


Days 3-24

This is the diet phase during which you take the drops and follow the 500cal diet. The first week always sees the most impressive results, with many clients shifting 3-4kg. During the following 2 weeks it will consolidate leaving you 7-9kg lighter at the end of 21 days


Days 25-26

Stop taking the drops but continue with the 500cal diet as prescribed. You will know the drops are out of your system when you start to feel hungry again


This phase is equal in time to the shift phase, 21 or 43 days and is the transition back into “normal” eating. During this phase you must increase number of calories eaten but continue to avoid carbohydrates in the form of sugar or starch. You can start to add in some good fats, such as avocado, deep sea fish or cheese.