Different Forms of hCG

This is a point of much confusion

hCG - the hormone

In America, it is possible to purchase Human Corionic Gonadatrophin (hCG), either in the injectable or sublingual form. This is a biological product, directly extracted from the urine of pregnant women. As a hormone, these products will test positive when using a pregnancy test.

These products are used only by the medical profession in Australia. They are mostly used in the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), although there are a limited number of Medical Practitioners using hCG in conjunction with Dr Simeons 500cal diet in the treatment of obesity.

hCG - homoeopathic

Another form of hCG is the homeopathic form. These products are safe and effective and should not contain and of the original hormone hCG.

They should not test positive to a pregnancy test. If they do, the product is illegal in Australia.

This is where the confusion lies, homeopathic hCG is originally derived from a biological. Like the hormone hCG, it is extracted from the urine of pregnant women. It then undergoes the following process to basically dilute the hormone out of it.

These medications are made through a process that homeopathic physicians call "potenisation." The compound from which a homeopathic medicine is extracted is diluted several times by thorough mixing, forcefully striking the container. Eventually, the solution is diluted down to the point that the original substance is virtually gone, yet its effects remain.

What has happened is that the molecules of the original substance leave a biochemical "imprint" on the water molecules. When this is applied or administered to a patient, it stimulates a physiological reaction that leads to self-healing.

According to Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA), Schedule 5/ Item 8 of the Regulations and Australian Customs, a homeopathic originally derived from human origin (such as hCG) is NOT exempt and therefore not legal to be imported, produced or sold in Australia.

Hormone free hCG alternative - auGO+ slim

auGO Australia has taken the time to source a product that is entirely hormone free, it is also non-homeopathic. It is a proprietary blend of Amino Acids and herbs that is used in conjunction with Dr Simeons hCG diet to achieve comparable results.

It does not contain hCG, nor does it originate from hCG. It will test negative to a pregnancy test.

Results are equal to all other forms of hCG.