Success Stories

It was great!

I have had trouble with losing weight despite diet and exercise. Mine was more from stress, hormone imbalances and migraine medications. I have just used up the first bottle and it took 35 days in which I lost 7kg. I am now starting the maintenance and feeling great. So many are commenting on how well I look.

After a stressful event, I let things slip a bit and was not looking after myself physically. The diet has also gotten me back into proper eating habits.


It gave my system the kick start it needed

The products arrived today, thank you so much. When I started the programme the first time around, I thought I had a good shot at sticking with it 100% but as we all know life can step in and things go awry and unfortunately I wasn't able to give it the 100% it needed BUT I still lost 5 kilograms and for me that was HUGE.

It gave my system the kick start it needed, that I just hadn't been able to do for years. I listened to all the advice I was being given and was on a healthy eating regime, but still the weight would not shift....but it did with auGO HCG.

I highly recommend it to anyone serious about getting about their weight in order. This is not another scheme for throwing your money at, losing a little weight and then gaining more. It retrains your whole way of eating, but in that process kick starts a metabolism that might have given up lol.

So, this time round I expect amazing results because I will be able to give it my all this time but in saying that, 5 kilos for me was truly amazing, so I guess I will expect spectacular results on this journey that will be the rest of my life.


Have Lost The Weight From My Tummy

I lost 9kg in 21 days. As a 45 year old guy, I thought I was destined to the middle age spread. I am thrilled to have lost the weight from my tummy and to have toned up all over. I feel and look better than I did 10 years ago.


The HCG Diet Turned My Life Around

I am approaching my 50s and I did the HCG diet in early 2012. I lost 9kg in the first 21 day diet phase and another 9kg in the following 3 weeks of maintenance. That’s 18kg in 6 weeks and what’s more, I have kept it off for 18 months. The hCG diet turned my life around and I know I can maintain my healthy weight now for the rest of my life.


Thanks For The Service

Just wanted to thank you for your customer service. My parcel was lost in transit. When it could not be found, you sent me a 2nd order at your own expense. I did eventually end up with both parcels and have as you suggested enlisted a friend to do the diet with me.

I Tried Drops From Another Company, Not As Good As Yours!

Hi Jinty! I have had great success using auGo drops. I began the HCG diet in August of last year and by February this year had lost 28 kilos. I have fluctuated since then between 28 kilos and 30 kilos weight loss, but have not put on any of the weight I lost originally.

Vikki P

I Have Lost 13.5kg

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. I have done 2 rounds of the HCG diet and have lost 13.5kg. I feel like a new woman and, having broken my addiction to sugar, I feel like I can make much healthier choices now. " "I still have a bit to shift and will do one more 21 day diet to get ready for summer.


I've Turned The Clock Back 10 Years

I lost 9kg in the 21 days and couldn’t be happier. I am in the Defence Force and at my annual check-up, the Doctor told me, that according to my blood tests, I not only lost weight but I have turned back the clock 10 years. Next stop, the half marathon.


We Both Feel Like Winners!

Hi Jinty, My husband and I wanted to say thank you. My husband lost 9.5kg in the 21 days and I lost 6.5kg. He beat me on the scales... but we both feel like winners.