Tips For Success

Some handy tips to help you curb cravings

Drink Water

Drink Aprox 2 litres of water daily.
Perhaps try it with some lemon.

No Breakfast

Do not eat breakfast.
Coffee, tea, herbal tea or green tea are ok.

No Fat

Do not consume any fat.
Even when cooking!

Everyone is different and each of us will respond a little differently to the program. Some people cruise through without an cravings or hunger. A very small number of clients find that they are still hungry and struggle with the restrictive nature of the program. Sometimes this is simply a psychological response and finding a pleasurable diversion can help. Taking a bath, going for a walk with the dog, reading a book, positive thinking...try not to get bogged down in what you have given up. Think of it this way, the foods you have been eating have gotten you to a place where you don't feel comfortable in your own skin. You are choosing to change and for a very short time you are trading these foods for health and vitality. That time will pass, leaving you lighter and super motivated to continue your weight loss journey.

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