About auGO+

Who We Are?

As a company, auGO has been helping Australians shift excess weight fast using Dr Simeons HCG Diet for almost 10 years. This natural weight loss program combines non homoeopathic and hormone free hCG drops and diet for dramatic results.

My journey began in 1995 when I graduated as a Naturopath. During the next 20 years I researched everything I could, to understand why as a nation we are getting bigger and bigger. I became a Fitness Professional to understand the impact of exercise on weight, studied more nutrition and also the psychology of eating. I was researching the impact of hormones on weight when a colleague inadvertently sent me a link to Dr Simeon's 500 cal diet and the hCG diet.

I sent away for the product, not really believing it would work. I didn't tell my husband because again... I didn't think it would work.

But… it did! 20kg later I decided that Australia deserved to have access to this product.

auGO has taken the time to source and trial the best hormone free hCG and we are so pleased to be bringing top quality products to Aussies who wish to shift weight safely, naturally and quickly.

My personal goal is to make a difference to the obesity epidemic. Weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry and yet across the world weight is ballooning. More has to be done!